Friday, December 10, 2010

NERC Registered Ballot Body

N&ST is a member of NERC's Registered Ballot Body, and has been since the first days of NERC's new role as the ERO. As an entity that's interested in the reliability of the Bulk Electric System in North America, we typically vote in ballots related to the NERC CIP standards.

N&ST is registered in Segment 8 ("Small Electricity Users"). Thanks to Orange & Rockland Utilities - our service provider!

There are two important ballots this week. The new version of CIP-002 is being balloted (along with the conforming changes to CIP-003, CIP-004 and CIP-006 through CIP-009). This will bring those standards to -4. Also, the "Urgent Action" revision of CIP-005 is being balloted.

The ballot on CIP-002-4 is due at 8:00 PM this evening, and the ballot on CIP-005-4 is due at 8:00 PM tomorrow.

Since our votes will be public within a few hours of those deadlines anyway, I'll post our vote and our comments (if any) here as soon as we cast the ballot on NERC's site.


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